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About Us

Rede-Made Noodles is a Family run pasta production plant located in Winkler, Manitoba. We produce pasta the old fashioned way—by rolling out the dough and then cutting it. This produces a taste, texture and quality superior to any extruded pasta.

Homemade egg noodles have been around for a long time, and although our recipe is a simple one, making home-made noodles is time consuming, requires a lot of space, and is a lot of work! We understand that our customers lead busy lifestyles and are hard pressed to find time to make homemade noodles. This is where we come in!

Recognizing the opportunity to produce home-made noodles for those who cannot take the time to do so themselves, in 1998 Pete & Eva Redekop founded Rede-Made Noodles and began making noodles and selling them to family, friends and small stores in Southern Manitoba. Rede-Made Noodles started as a small operation in the garage of their home, but as word spread about Rede-Made’s home-made noodles, the business grew quickly. During the three years following Rede-Made Noodles’ founding, the small business grew steadily and, in 2001, moved to a larger 1,320 sq ft building on Perry Street in Winkler in order to accommodate its growth. In 2004 Rede-Made Noodles moved once again, this time into a brand new 4000 sq ft building, which is where it is currently located at 585 George Avenue, Winkler.

In 2012 Pete and Eva Redekop sold Rede-Made Noodles to Dave and Tina Fehr and 3 of their sons, Abe, Klas and Jamie. Abe and Jamie now run the day to day operations and strive to further expand the business and extend into new markets. As the current operators of Rede-Made Noodles, we want you to enjoy traditional homemade noodles “Just like Grandma’s Old fashioned Egg Noodles” and also have the convenience of being able to buy them in your local grocery stores. We are committed to quality, and can guarantee that our attention is directed towards making noodles (exclusively) and searching for new ways to ensure that you get the very best product!

Rede-Made Noodles uses only the best ingredients sourced from local farms, and are completely produced and packaged in Winkler Manitoba! We are pleased to boast that our noodles are ‘Manitoba Made‘ products. Rede-Made Noodles is also a participant of the Buy Manitoba program, and we would encourage you to check out the Manitoba Made website for more information, and to explore a whole array of amazing locally produced food products!

Rede-Made Noodles is still growing steadily and currently employs 8 ladies, most of who are Grandmother’s themselves. We are grateful for all of the support and opportunities in the past, and are especially excited about what the future holds for Rede-Made Noodles.