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Welcome to Rede-Made Noodles

Here you will be able to read a little bit about the humble history and beginnings of Rede-Made Noodles, collect delicious meal ideas from our Recipe page, locate stores across Canada from which you are able to purchase our noodles, and best of all, order our Noodles online!

We make pasta that is “Just Like Grandma’s Old Fashioned Egg Noodles,” which means that we roll out the dough and cut it, rather than processing our noodles via extrusion, a method used by most mass-production pasta manufacturers. It is this small batch production method, along with the use of only the best ingredients, that produces the home-made taste, texture and quality characteristics of Rede-Made Noodles. We make only 3 varieties of noodles, and this ensures our attention to quality and guarantees that the noodles you purchase are the very best. All of our products are produced and packaged in Winkler, Manitoba; thus, we can boast that our noodles are truly ‘Manitoba Made.‘. We take pride in our exclusively local and Manitoba Farm sourced ingredients and believe that supporting local is very important for our future.

Our goal is to introduce people everywhere to the quality and difference of our home-made noodles. Thereby, we are excited that you have checked out our website, and we would love to hear about your experiences with our Noodles! If you have any questions, or would like to see our noodles in a store near you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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